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This blog focuses on international development cooperation. Working in multiple countries and cultures, and with stakeholders in public sector, private sector, and civil society, I realize that development cooperation is a broad and intricately woven canvas. It involves relations between individuals that cut across, boundaries (man-made and natural), culture, ethnicity, language, race, and values. The first quote is posted on diverse websites that I manage or am involved in. The second is posted on office doors I have worked in throughout the world.
          This blog rambles, while being centred around a fundamental concern with description, analyses, and advancement of the human condition, as seen through the filters of development cooperation and my own personae. Given my citizenship, present residence, and where I do a lot of work, there is a focus on Norway, Bulgaria, and South Asia. Articles may be updated
. Photos and videos are from projects I have worked or work on, available at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/supras/albums. Comments are welcome at: https://devblog.no/en/content/contacts
          So much for my rationale or excuse for this blog. Hold tight and enjoy the ride!

Lars T. Soeftestad (Søftestad)
Supras Ltd. (Norway) and Supras EOOD (Bulgaria)